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President Trump's proposed budget takes a cleaver to domestic programs, with many agencies taking percentage spending cuts in the double digits. But for dozens of smaller agencies and programs, the cut is 100%. Schedule Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/03/16/what-does-trump-budget-eliminate/99223182/
Manisha Sajnani
Manisha Sajnani
Paris Fashion Week is part of the global "Big 4" fashion weeks, the others being London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. The schedule begins with New York, followed by London, and then Milan and ends in Paris.
This week's most popular songs across all genres, ranked by radio airplay audience impressions as measured by Nielsen Music, sales data as compiled by Nielsen Music and streaming activity data provided by online music sources.
United Airlines announced a major expansion Monday, 27 Feb 2017, adding 16 non-stop routes to its network. The airline also unveiled the seasonal addition of six other routes and revealed plans to boost flights on 15 routes it's already flying. The move is the latest step in a turn-around effort by the USA’s No. 3 airline. United’s new expansion also includes service to four smaller cities where it does not currently fly. Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/flights/todayinthesky/2017/02/27/list-united-announces-four-new-cities-22-non-stop-routes/98473074/
Forbes Travel Guide today added 22 hotels to its prestigious list of Five-Star properties. The addition of those properties brings the total number of Five-Star hotels to 175. Forbes also named 76 new Four-Star hotels and 83 new hotels in the Recommended category. This is the 59th list of Star Rating recipients in Forbes’ history.Forbes now rates properties in 42 countries throughout the Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.
A hilarious long-standing fake feud that started in 2005 may have a face-off at the 2017 Oscars. Watch the history of this now famous all time feud.
The Trump administration has withdrawn a piece of federal guidance requiring transgender students to have unfettered access to bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identity, in a move that could embolden many schools to restrict trans rights.
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A timeline of important innovations in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
The most powerful characters in the game The Walking Dead: Road to Survival by Scopely.
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The 78 terrorist attacks listed by the White House as under-reported by Western media sources
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Wedding dresses, hair and make up went through a series of evolution from the 1800's to today. Take a peek at the changing trends.
This WhenCast provides links to resources to give computer science students a proficient understanding of the mathematics needed to study and appreciate computer science. It assumes you forgot everything from high school. You don't need this stuff to learn how to program, but if you want to change how you think, then this will be very useful. You will learn how to optimize problems and create useful algorithms. These resources will prepare you for virtually any advanced computer science course.
Shocked by the latest ban on immigration by President Trump, USA and World Leaders unitedly express their anger.
Forbes list of highest paid models with lucrative cosmetic and fashion brand campaign and contracts.
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A fun segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! show wherein celebrities read mean tweets written about them.
A look at the power companies in history that have changed the world of business.
UEFA Champions League is the premier European football club competition played every year along with the traditional domestic league seasons across whole Europe. Champions League formerly known as “European Cup” was established back in 1955 and all the league champions of countries associated with “UEFA” were invited to take part in the yearly competition. European Cup was re-branded in 1992 and it was changed to Champions League where even the runners-up, third and fourth place teams in their domestic league were invited. We take a look at all the previous winners of Champions League history from 2000 to 2016.
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The pastry world took everyone by a storm this year by inventing creative albeit hybrid desserts that left people drooling... and gaining weight.
Divorces tend to be more expensive then marriages as these celebs have found out the hard way. Prenup anyone?
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Even Harley-Davidson can’t fit 100-plus years of history into a single museum.
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A look at the start-up companies valued at over $1 billion.
Check out the top domestic box office grossing movie for each calendar year according to The Numbers. http://www.the-numbers.com/movies/#tab=year
Barcelona is embodied with jewels of home-grown Catalan architecture, modernisme, and contemporary architecture, markets that are a treat for the senses, treasures of the ancient Roman and medieval city, parks where you can unwind. Along narrow streets, with secluded squares and charming corners, you will find a series of civil and religious Gothic constructions. Barcelona , a pulsating upbeat city has something for everyone. If on a family holiday choose from an amazing and varied range of activities available all over the city, from the aquarium, zoo and the beach, there's fun for all. Craftsmen’s workshops, exclusive shops, franchises, shopping centres and street markets all make up the shopping offer of Barcelona and last but not the least, Barcelona's nightlife is one of the most vibrant. Discos, live music, pubs and restaurants are situated in the most emblematic places in town and enjoy exquisitely prepared modern Mediterranean cuisine at the hands of some of Spain’s greatest chefs. Barcelona, sure doesn't disappoint !!
Check out the most awaited movies releasing in a cinema near you in 2017!
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I've decide to add more magic and joy to the world and start the Elf on a Shelf holiday tradition. Check out what the elves, Scout and Sparkle, are up to each day until Christmas. Happy Holidays!
Check out the latest offerings from various networks coming your way in 2017. Happy viewing!
Beautiful love stories of hollywood celebrities who fell in love and married a commoner.
The sophistication of an international city, cultural diversity and cosmopolitan lifestyle are at the very core of Hong Kong's attractions.Hong Kong also offers unspoilt natural parkland and spectacular scenery.Its vibrant, densely populated urban centre is a major port and global financial hub with a skyscraper-studded skyline. Hong Kong is also a major shopping destination, famed for specialist tailors and the Temple Street Night Market, leaving you spoilt for choice. So whether you are on business or pleasure , Hong Kong has plenty to offer.
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Come and fall in love with these beautiful heart warming Christmas advertisements for 2016. Merry Christmas!
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From a former model to third wife of Mr. Donald Trump and now future first lady of USA. An introduction to the most talked about personality this year.
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Beautiful first ladies and driving force behind the Presidents of USA.
Today Latvia’s capital is an exciting European metropolis at the crossroads of eastern and northern Europe. There’s much more to Riga than meets the eye. Riga’s astonishing skyline tells the story, as timeless Gothic spires mingle with the fantastic facades of one of the world’s richest collections of Art Nouveau and new masterpieces like the mystical-yet-modernist National Library. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site of cobblestones and breathtaking river views, as well as Europe’s Wifi capital with almost 1,000 spots to get online for free. Riga is an adventure for the taste buds too. The enormous Central Market is a treasure trove. You also find hundreds of green areas and parks in the city in addition to good shopping and cosy restaurants. To wash it down, sample intriguing local beers in the brew pubs along hipster strip Miera iela, or a cocktail with the mysterious Riga Black Balsam in fun-filled bars across town.
A lowdown on the most lavish and extravagant weddings of your favourite celebrities.
Major celebrities outrage and reactions to Future President , Mr. Donald Trump's win at the presidential elections.
Discover enchanting Tallinn, the capital of Estonia with a fascinating past.With a picturesque Old Town and a setting along the shores of the Baltic Sea, Tallinn has plenty to offer visitors. The fairy-tale atmosphere of the Christmas market, which is held on the Town Hall Square in Tallinn, lets you dive straight into the festive spirit. Stroll through medieval streets under the shadow of swooning spirals, to marveling at thoroughly modern museums. After enjoying the Old town, venture out into the green spaces of Kadriorg, the bohemian neighbourhood of Kalamaja, or the fantastic natural wonders of the Viimsi area just north of Tallinn.
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Arriving at the end of the "supermodel era", Moss rose to fame in the early 1990s as part of the heroin chic fashion trend. With a distinctive small stature and size zero figure that stood in sharp contrast to many of the curvy supermodels of her time, Kate Moss created a niche for herself in the modelling industry. She popularized the notion of delicate-beauty and the wide-eyed ‘waif’ looks. She is one of the most iconic figures of the fashion industry and has appeared in the covers of over 300 magazines. Furthermore, she has worked with all the top and established fashion labels, designers and photographers in the industry including, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Bulgari, Calvin Klein, Chanel and Rimmel. She received an award at the 2013 British Fashion Awards to acknowledge her contribution to fashion over 25 years.
'Nobody Knows Better Than Me', the most frequently used quote by future president Donald Trump during his election campaigns.