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Rovaniemi, Santa Land "Have you been Naughty or Nice"

Welcome to a magical wonderland and bring out the child in you; every turn will find you squealing with joy and watch every child's dream come true. Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland and the home of Santa Claus does just that. Its a fantasy land full of surprises , fun and laughter. Though the Santa Claus Village right on the Artic circle is one of the most adorable attractions, the husky and reindeer rides come a close second. The village is open all year round however,a month before Christmas, the eyes of the world turn to Rovaniemi as Santa Claus declares the Christmas season open in Santa Claus Village. Celebrate the magic of Christmas in the official hometown of Santa Claus with an abundance of activities. Don't leave without sending a postcard through the Santa Claus Main Post Office with a special Arctic Circle postmark. Stay in an igloo , wine and dine in an ice bar and snow restaurant and last but not the least, experience the spectacular Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights and enjoy the breathtaking hues of colour. You will be sure to leave happy and with a big smile !

Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village

As you approach the bright twinkling lights and hear the faint strains of sleigh bells, you know you've reached the Santa Claus village. The main building also called "Christmas house" hosts exhibitions that cover today’s Christmas customs as well as centuries-old Finnish and foreign Christmas traditions. The highlight being a photograph with Santa Claus himself for that last lasting memory. Visit the Main Post Office and be sure to send a postcard to family and friends back home and browse around the shops for that special souvenir or gift. And for that once in a lifetime experience for your child, you get a chance to explore Joulukka with the help of an Elf in order to find Santa’s hidden hideaway place once he retires in the forest. This would be one gift your child will cherish forever.

Husky , Reindeer Rides and Snowmobiles


What better way to continue the Christmas cheer than to embark on a husky and reindeer safari. Feel the cold winds against your cheeks as you experience an amazing Husky sleigh ride in the winter forest. Take a little time to visit the Husky's kennels where the playful dogs are a treat to watch and warm yourself with hot juice and biscuits in the cosy cabin. The visit to the Reindeer Farm includes a tour of the farm, feeding reindeer, and a reindeer sleigh ride safari through the pure nature of Lapland. Embrace the long stretches of pure white snow and the tranquil calmness of the forests. Then head for some thrilling excitement for the whole family. The kids will love the Mini Snowmobiling. Children are provided with helmets and guidance and after the snowmobiling they will also be awarded with a Driving licence. Leave the city lights behind and steer your snowmobiles towards the wilderness. Beautiful tracks and fast, easy-to-handle snowmobiles will deliver you the ultimate driving experience.

Santa Park

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SantaPark Oy

Prepare to have a fun filled day in Santa’s own home cavern located underground at the Arctic Circle. The jolly and cheerful elves guide you through activities for the whole family. Meet with beautiful Ice Princess in her icy kingdom the Ice Gallery, take photographs with the amazing ice sculptures and even enjoy refreshing drinks in the Ice Bar served in a handmade ice glass. Ride the Fairytale Train as many times as you want, visit Santa in his office, study the most essential lessons of being an Elf in the Elf School and decorate gingerbread cookies in Mrs. Gingerbread’s Bakery. Take a break at the Santa Park cafe to relish mouth watering delicacies while the elves keep you entertained with a dance show of their own.

Arktikum Museum and the Northern Lights

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Arktikum exhibitions lead guests on an adventure to Finnish Lapland and the Arctic region.The exhibition is a real experience that provides, for example, an introduction to the stories behind the houses of old Rovaniemi as well as to popular beliefs and superstitions about the brown bear and the Eurasian elk and even get a glimpse of what the Northern Lights promise to be, at a screening in the auditorium. Rest well before you set out for your Aurora Borealis adventure. Drive to the middle of nowhere and walk down to the river, shrouded in darkness as you wait patiently for the dancing hues of colour that will burst in the sky. Catching the magical phenomenon requires clear and dark skies.There is no way of predicting when the Auroras will appear, only approximate predictions. For an unforgettable experience, stay overnight in a private cosy Wilderness Lodge with candle light, a fireplace, the silence of the night and a breathtaking starry sky to create a magical experience! Traditional Lappish home-made food will be served while you wait for that breathtaking spectacular moment.

Igloo's and Snowman World

Snowman World Igloo Hotel

Choose from a varied choice of options to stay at in Rovaniemi. From Santa's Hotel Santa Claus where the lavish Christmas eve dinner and the excitement of Santa handing out gifts to the children will be an evening to remember. For the most special night of your life in a room built entirely of snow and ice, discover a genuine arctic igloo experience.a constant temperature of just below zero degrees celsius will remain inside the igloo, while outside temperatures may reach -30 degrees Celsius. Enhance your stay with a dinner in the Ice Restaurant or a drink at the ice bar. For a riot of fun, enjoy the best playgrounds in the Arctic Circle for kids and the young at heart. Experience adventures with the real snowman characters and slide down the daring hills. Try ice skating or go into orbit using an Arctic Sledge, a Lappish sleigh-go-round. There's fun for everyone to create memories to last forever.