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St. Petersburg , Russia's Cultural Heart

St. Petersburg is one of the biggest cultural centres in the world, a city with an exceptionally rich history and centuries-old traditions. The city has a true wealth of attractions and experiences to offer travellers, from spectacular Imperial palaces to absorbing museums, from boat trips along the city's majestic rivers and canals to walks in the footsteps of St. Petersburg's literary and artistic greats.View spectacular architectural gems like the Winter Palace and the Kazan Cathedral, and give yourself plenty of time to browse the world-renowned art collection of the Hermitage. St.Petersburg offers breath taking palaces , fountains and gardens a little away from the city too and very much worth the trip to make. The city offers enough art, nightlife, fine dining and cultural destinations to tempt you to visit again.

Boat trips, The Theatre and Opening of the Bridges

Neva River

Whatever route you end up taking, a boat trip is a fantastic way to see St. Petersburg from a different angle, and perhaps the best possible means of getting an impression of the sheer scope of the city's architectural beauty and romance. There are a number of options to choose from and most offer a guided tour to narrate the magnificent history of the city. As much as the city's breathtaking architecture leaves you n awe, so also does the performances at the famous Marlinsky theatre.Renowned for the impeccable discipline and devotion to tradition of its ballet company, the Mariinsky Theatre is a world-class venue for ballet, opera and orchestral music. At least one evening performance at the Mariinsky should be an essential component of your itinerary. As night falls, take a boat trip or stroll down to the river side to watch the opening of the bridges. The Neva River connects Lake Ladoga to the Baltic Sea, and during the summer navigation season tens of cargo ships per day follow this important route, making it necessary to open the bascule bridges across the Neva in central St. Petersburg.The raised arches of Palace Bridge make for one of St. Petersburg's most famous views. The Palace Bridge and Trinity Bridge gather big crowds, and they are undoubtedly the most beautiful and the atmosphere and anticipation offers a lovely end to the day.


g. Sankt-Peterburg
Peterhof Grand Palace

One of St. Petersburg's most famous and popular visitor attractions are The Palace and Park at Peterhof. Though a little away from the city , its has to be a must do on any St. Petersburg itinerary. Modelled partly on Versailles, but with many features that reflected Peter's specific tastes and interests, the park was expanded under Peter's daughter, Empress Elizabeth, to greatly surpass its French antecedent in scope and grandeur. The vast gardens and the spectacular gardens make for a beautiful setting to spend the day with the Lower Park being a great place to picnic in the summer.There are plenty of boats or the hydrofoil to take you to the Palace, do take into account the timings before you set out.

The Hermitage (The Winter Palace)

2 Palace Square
Saint Petersburg
State Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage is undoubtedly St. Petersburg's most famous visitor attraction, and universally acknowledged as one of the world's greatest treasuries of art and antiquities. The Hermitage Museum now spans several sites, but for most visitors it is the main collection in the Winter Palace, where you will find not only centuries of European fine art and a rich collection of Greek and Roman antiques, but also the astonishingly opulent 18th and 19th century state rooms of Russia's imperial family. The exhibits number close to 3 million items and the museum is visited by several million people annually.

Splendour of St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg
Nevsky prospect

Start your day visiting St. Petersburg's main street, Nevsky Prospect. Running 4.5 kilometers from the Admiralty in the west to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery in the east, Nevsky Prospect has everything from the most stunning architecture, magnificent palaces, world-famous museums; sparkling five-star hotels and small bed and breakfasts; all manner of restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. Immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere and energy as you walk down the avenue that never sleeps.The low-rise skyline of St. Petersburg's historic centre is dominated by the grand gold dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral, the city's largest and most spectacular religious building.Visit the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood with the world renowned ornately decorated domes and stunning breathtaking mosaics on the inside. The bustling avenue has also a wide choice of upmarket boutiques and local souvenir shops for a memory to take back home.

Pushkin ( Tsarskoye Selo )

Saint Petersburg

Home to not one but two vast 18th century palaces, surrounded by beautifully landscaped parkland with a rich variety of follies and monuments, Tsarskoye Selo is a testament to the immense wealth and lavishness of the Romanov Imperial family. Built for Empress Elizabeth by Bartolomeo Rastrelli, the architect of St. Petersburg's Winter Palace, the Catherine Palace is undoubtedly Tsarskoe Selo's top attraction, particularly renowned for the extraordinary Amber Room.Like Peterhof, Tsarskoe Selo is one of St. Petersburg's must-see attractions and includes a full day with an opportunity for a lazy afternoon in the gardens or a picnic.