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Riga , An Architectural Pearl

Today Latvia’s capital is an exciting European metropolis at the crossroads of eastern and northern Europe. There’s much more to Riga than meets the eye. Riga’s astonishing skyline tells the story, as timeless Gothic spires mingle with the fantastic facades of one of the world’s richest collections of Art Nouveau and new masterpieces like the mystical-yet-modernist National Library. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site of cobblestones and breathtaking river views, as well as Europe’s Wifi capital with almost 1,000 spots to get online for free. Riga is an adventure for the taste buds too. The enormous Central Market is a treasure trove. You also find hundreds of green areas and parks in the city in addition to good shopping and cosy restaurants. To wash it down, sample intriguing local beers in the brew pubs along hipster strip Miera iela, or a cocktail with the mysterious Riga Black Balsam in fun-filled bars across town.

Old Town and Central Market

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Old Town Riga

Old Town Riga is a popular entertainment district,featuring cobble-stone streets and an abundance of architectural gems.The Old town not only features goregeous Medieval-era buildings, but unique sacral structures as well. The main sights in the old town are Riga Castle, St Peter’s Church and the Dome Cathedral. Visit one of the arts and crafts houses or souvenir stalls on Skarnu Street, where it is also possible to learn about the city’s rich trade history. Riga central market is a place where you can haggle with the vendors, enjoy a unique shopping experience and the architecture. Although Riga Central Market is a crowded place, it is well worth visiting at least once.The market is also a historically unique part of Riga. Walk back to the Old Town and enjoy a meal at one of the top restaurants and later party the night away in one of many music clubs in the Old town.

Spa and Wellness

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Wellton SPA Oasis

Experience the fine art of relaxation in Riga. Allow yourself the delight of the spa rituals characteristic to Latvia.A pleasant amber massage, soaking in a bath filled with beer, or plunging in an open-air water tub to enjoy the view of the starry sky above, in a Latvian sauna you can experience an authentic bath ritual under the care of an experienced professional. Relieve stress, put yourself in a tone before an important meeting, romantic dinner, or just relax. 

Parks and Gardens

Bastion Hill

On a family vacation, Riga promises options of fun for the whole family. Bastion Hill is one of the most romantic places in central Riga, as it features narrow paths, alleys of trees, stone garden, water cascades. The whole family can take an undisturbed walk, go on picnics on a lakeside, have fun in a playground, roller-skate or cycle in Mezaparks, one of Riga’s greenest neighbourhoods. Agility, endurance and family members’ support will be useful when tackling the challenging obstacle course in the trees at Mezakakis adventure park;See over 400 various species of birds and animals at the Riga National Zoological Garden and at the Latvian Open-Air Ethnographic Museum one can learn about the lives of Latvians centuries ago and their crafts.Without doubt, your children will leave happy.