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Most Expensive Celeb Divorces

Divorces tend to be more expensive then marriages as these celebs have found out the hard way. Prenup anyone?

Mel Gibson and Robyn Gibson


If there’s one man who knows that celebrity divorces don’t come cheap, it’s Mel Gibson. Gibson met Robyn Denise Moore in the late 1970s, soon after filming Mad Max, in Adelaide. At the time, Robyn was a dental nurse and Mel was an unknown actor. On June 7, 1980, Mel and Robyn Gibson were married and had seven children together.

After 26 years of marriage, Mel and Robyn Gibson separated on July 29, 2006 following his arrest for drunk driving in Malibu. Robyn Gibson filed for divorce on April 13, 2009, citing irreconcilable differences and the same was finalized on December 23, 2011. The settlement with his ex-wife is said to be the highest in Hollywood history at an estimate of over $450 million.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman


Tom and Nicole met during the making of Days of Thunder in 1990 and got married in the same year. They adopted two children, Isabella and Connor Antony.

Kidman was completely blindsided by Cruise's sudden decision to divorce. Kidman maintained they had been leading a normal married life until he made the announcement that the marriage was over in February. She claimed that their marriage ended early in December - saying they were still 'intimate' throughout that month and she became pregnant.

Cruise was said to have been keen to get around California divorce laws which split assets between husband and wives equally after a decade of marriage. He claimed the couple broke up shortly before their tenth anniversary and hence the estimated settlement to Nicole was $90 million as opposed to paying half of their estimated fortune of $340 million

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards


Sheen met actress Denise Richards on the set of Good Advice in 2000 and married on June 15, 2002. They have 2 daughters together.

They had a notoriously nasty divorce. In March 2005, Richards filed for divorce, accusing Sheen of alcohol and drug abuse, addicted to porn and prostitutes during their marriage and death threats. Denise was awarded $40m. This included a $7m divorce settlement, $25m in syndication royalties from Charlie’s Two And A Half Men TV series, and $10m in child support over 15 years (tax free). 

Michael Jordan and Juanita Jordan


Michael and his wife met at a restaurant in Chicago and wed in Las Vegas on Sept. 2, 1989. They have three children.

Juanita Jordan had filed for divorce in January 2002 subsequent to rumors of infidelity surfacing with regard to Michael, but the couple announced a month later they were trying to reconcile and she withdrew her petition.

They were divorced after 17 years of marriage, and the decision to split was mutual citing irreconcilable differences. Juanita received $168 million in the settlement, along with custody of their three children and their seven-acre Chicago mansion.

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills


Mills met McCartney during the Pride of Britain Awards event in April 1999 and got married in a lavish $3.2 million wedding in Ireland on 11 June 2002. They have one daughter together.

After some time apart, Mills and McCartney separated on 17 May 2006 with Mill citing that the breakdown of the marriage was caused by her husband's daughter, Stella, whom she described as "jealous" and "evil".

At the start of the proceedings Mills asked for £125 million but in the end, she was awarded less than a fifth of the $250 million she requested, though more than the $30 million McCartney proposed. Along with a lump sum of $33 million, Mills got to keep $15 million in real estate and $70,000 a year to support the couple’s 4-year-old daughter Beatrice (they have joint custody), in addition to paying for her nanny and private school tuition. 

Michael Douglas and Diandra Douglas


Douglas and Luker married in 1977, but their union ended in separation by 1995, and then a costly divorce in 2000. They were married for 23 years and have one son together.

Diandra Douglas was awarded $45 million in the divorce settlement along with the couple’s formerly-shared homes in Beverley Hills, California and the island of Majorca.  In 2011, she sued her ex-husband for half of his earnings from the movie “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,” but the lawsuit was later thrown out.

James Cameron and Linda Hamilton


Cameron had dated Hamilton since 1991, whom he met while filming “The Terminator” and got married in 1997.

Eight months after the marriage, however, they separated and within days of Cameron's Oscar victory with Titanic, the couple announced their divorce. As part of the divorce settlement, Cameron was ordered to pay Hamilton $50 million. Hamilton later revealed that the reason for their divorce was not only Cameron's blind devotion to his work to the exclusion of almost everything else, but also that he had been dating Suzy Amis, as they were "taking a break from each other and he was free to go with her"

Madonna and Guy Ritchie


Madonna and Ritchie were introduced at a dinner party by the singer Sting and his wife Trudie Styler in 1998. They married in Scotland in December 2000 and have a son, Rocco together.

Madonna has revealed that her marriage to Guy Ritchie collapsed because the romance died, leaving her wondering if true love even existed. The singer said that at the start things were ‘flawless’ but as the years rolled on she began to notice ‘cracks in the veneer’.

She began to have doubts and realised that marriage ‘wasn’t what I thought it was going to be’.

On 15 December 2008, it was announced by Madonna's spokeswoman that the singer had agreed to a divorce settlement with Ritchie, the terms of which grant him between £50 million and £60 million, a figure that includes the value of the couple's London pub and residence and Wiltshire estate in England.

Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva


Kevin Costner met Cindy Silva in 1975 whilst they were both attending the California State University. They married in 1978 and have 3 children together.

After numerous infidelities on Costner’s part, Cindy called it quits. The marriage ended in 1994 due to irreconcilable differences. Without a pre-nup Costner was ordered to pay $80 million to her.

Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison


Mathison first met Ford on the set of Francis Ford Coppola's "Apocalypse Now," while she worked as a production assistant in 1976. They married in 1993 and have 2 children together.

After 18 years together and a brief attempt at reconciliation, Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison called in quits in 2001 following published reports alleging Ford was partying with other women. She called in the lawyers, admitting she could no longer take her husband's 'bad boy bachelor' behaviour'. 

The couple officially dissolved their marriage in 2004. After two decades together, no prenup and millions at stake, Melissa reportedly received between $85million and $118million according to reports of Harrison's cash. 

The settlement included a share of royalties from the films Ford made during their marriage, which included blockbusters such as Patriot Games, Presumed Innocent, two Indiana Jones films, The Fugitive and Air Force One.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren


 Tiger and Elin were introduced during The Open Championship in 2001 by Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik, who had employed her as an au pair. They married on October 5, 2004 and have 2 children together.

Following the stunning revelation of his cheating ways, Tiger Woods ponied up $100 million to his wife Elin Nordegren in divorce settlement and another $10 million to his top mistress Rachel Uchitel so she would never spill the beans on their relationship. The damage to his reputation and golf career may be less quantifiable, but similarly epic.

Sources say that although Elin had signed a prenuptial agreement, it was renegotiated after the sex scandal that derailed Tiger’s personal life and professional career.


Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving


Spielberg first met actress Amy Irving in 1976 at the suggestion of director Brian De Palma, who knew he was looking for an actress to play in Close Encounters.They married in 1985 and have one son together.

They divorced in 1989 due career stresses and upon their divorce, she received an estimated $100 million settlement after a judge controversially vacated a prenuptial agreement that had been written on a napkin.

Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphey


Neil met Marsha in 1965 and married in 1969. They have 2 children together.

 In 1994, amidst rumors of infidelity on Diamond's part, Murphey filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. While the full amount of the settlement was never publicly revealed, Diamond was quoted as saying at the time: "She deserves half my fortune. I wish her all the happiness $150 million can bring."

Kenny Rogers and Marianne Gordon


Kenny Rogers met Marianne Rogers on the set of a television show 'Hee Haw' n 1977 on which he was slated to perform. They got married in the same year and have a son together.

They divorced in 1993 and Marianne received $60 million as divorce settlement. kenny had stated "But Marianne really did deserve the 60 million because she is a great girl and we had a perfect marriage for 15 years," he says. "In fact, everything was fine until our son Christopher was born - but I wouldn't want him to take any responsibility for this - because that's when Marianne stopped touring with me and stayed home to take care of him, and then when I came home from touring or doing a tennis tournament, I found that our lifestyles were clashing. So one day we just said, 'Life is short, we deserve to be happy, let's find something else to do with our lives,' and the marriage ended."